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Welcome to Winthrop University, where we have given "higher education" a new definition for the 21st century.

At Winthrop, higher education means not only professional preparation, but also heightened development of personal skills and commitments. After all, in a true higher education learning environment, students are engaged in learning both inside and outside of the classroom. And they do more than simply recite answers. They learn how to examine complex questions and to explore other areas that provide them experience in making impactful decisions. Civic participation and dedication to community service are encouraged and undergraduate research opportunities abound.

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E-mail: admissions@winthrop.edu

Read information on the personal counselor for your area and to view information on when a counselor will be visiting your area.

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Information for Admitted Students

PDF versions of the information that is enclosed in your acceptance packet are provided below. Please contact our office if additional information is desired.

Spring 2019

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