Dual Enrollment - FAQS

Parents and Family

  1. How much does the dual enrollment program cost?

    A: The program cost for dual enrollment courses taken on the Winthrop campus is $495 for in-state participants and $545 for out-of-state (for every 1-4 credit hours). This includes tuition and fees as well as access to the benefits and resources available to a Winthrop student. The $495/$545 does NOT cover parking, course materials such as textbooks, or individual course fees.
  2. Can we use lottery funds to pay the program cost?

    Because Winthrop is a four-year institution, lottery funds cannot be used to cover the dual enrollment program costs.
  3. How do I pay for my student's course?
    A: Once a student registers, the total cost for the course(s) will be placed on the student's account and an eBill delivered to the student's Winthrop e-mail address (the e-mail can be forwarded to whomever will be paying for the account).  The program bill must be paid prior to starting classes; specific due date and directions for remitting payment will be indicated on the bill.  Payment can also be made when attending the initial family orientation.
  4. Does my student qualify for the Winthrop Dual Enrollment Program?

    A: Students must have the high school coursework that qualifies them as a current/rising junior or senior.  In addition, students much have a 3.0 non-weighted GPA and a 22 ACT/PreACT or 1050 SAT/PSAT (without writing).
  5.  How many dual enrollment courses can my student take?
    A: Students may enroll in up to six hours of dual enrollment credit in their first semester (e.g., two 3 hours courses).
  6. Can Winthrop dual enrollment courses count for high school credit as well as college credit?

    A: Students should discuss dual enrollment course opportunities with their high school counselor. This is especially true if the student wishes to use the course to fulfill a high school graduation requirement.
  7. How can I get access to my student's dual enrollment course grades?
    A: The moment a student (regardless of age) registers for classes, their education records become protected under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as Amended). This federal act gives students certain rights with respect to their education records as outlined on Winthrop's website.  Students can submit a form granting access to specific others such as parents. This process is discussed at the family orientation for the first time dual enrollment students.
  8. If my student is struggling or would like to help with the coursework, where can they go?
    A: Students should always contact the course instructor (by e-mail, phone, or visiting during office hours). However, because they are a Winthrop student, they also have access to a unique set of support services such as the Academic Success Center, the Mathematics Tutorial Center, and the Writing Center.