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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What distinguishes Winthrop from other universities?
2. What is Winthrop’s student enrollment and academic profile?
3. When should I apply for admission?
4. What is required to apply?
5. Who is a freshman and who is a transfer?
6. Who decides which of my courses will transfer?
7. I have taken AP/IB/Dual Enrollment courses. How do I notify Winthrop?
8. How much does Winthrop cost?
9. What kind of financial aid and/or scholarships does Winthrop offer?
10. Am I required to live on campus? How do I apply for housing?
11. Can I have a car on campus?
12. What academic support services are offered on campus?
13. How do I choose a major?
14. How do I change my major?
15. What online and evening classes does Winthrop offer?
16. How are students selected for the Honors Program?
17. I have been admitted, what now?
18. Do I have to complete and return the medical/immunization form I received in my acceptance packet?
19. When will I receive Orientation information?
20. Outside of class, what is there to do?

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