Writing Center Policies

The Writing Center offers all university members—students, staff, and faculty—an opportunity to become stronger and more confident writers. Our services are free. The Center tends to get very busy at midterm and at the end of the semester, so plan wisely! Please be aware of the following policies:

Appointments and Walk-In Sessions (30 or 60 minutes)

  • Arrive a minute or two early for your appointment so we can check you in.
  • Ask for a 60-minute appointment if you have a long paper or a lot to work on.
  • If possible, please bring a copy of your assignment/topic with you.
  • Make your appointments at least a day or two before the paper is due.
  • Please note that students may have only one hour-long appointment in a day and no more than three hour-long appointments in a seven day period.
  • Walk-in sessions are more likely to be available early in the semester.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

  • If you cannot make an appointment, please call and cancel.
  • If you miss two appointments without canceling, you will be unable to make another appointment for 30 days; you can still have walk-in sessions

Group Appointments

  • Group appointments and assignments are welcome, but please be aware that all members of the group must be present.


  • If you are late but the tutor is still available, you may only have the time remaining in your original 30 minutes—so be punctual!
  • Please call the Center at 803/323-2138 if you are going to be late. Otherwise, if you are more than five minutes late, your appointment may be cancelled so the tutor can help a walk-in student.

Please Remember...

  • The Center will not discuss possible grades with you; that's your professor's responsibility.
  • The tutors cannot "fix" your paper for you; they will help you to identify and address your errors yourself.
  • YOU are responsible for revising and editing your paper; we cannot guarantee error free papers.

The Center staff hopes to see you and help you with your writing!