Become a Writing Center Tutor

A tutor points to a student's paper while explaining concepts

The Writing Center is looking for students who are:

  • interested in helping others
  • problem solvers
  • willing to learn
  • willing to listen

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, talk to your advisor about signing up for WRIT 500. WRIT 500 is a rigorous introduction to social theories of writing and research on writing processes, disciplinary writing norms, and diverse cultural literacies. After a period of observation and co-tutoring, tutor interns will tutor on their own near the end of fall. WRIT 500 tutor interns work two hours per week in the Writing Center as part of "lab training" in the course. Those who complete WRIT 500 successfully are invited to apply to be a Writing Center tutor and begin work the following spring.

Our writing tutors are responsible for working with writers in tutorial sessions, engaging in ongoing learning about writing and writing education, and assisting with campus outreach. Working in the Writing Center is an excellent opportunity, as well as a good experience to put on a resume. Plus, undergraduate tutors get paid. Sign up for WRIT 500 as early in your college career as possible so that you can have many years working in the Writing Center.

If you have any questions about becoming a tutor or about WRIT 500, please contact Dr. Devon Ralston, Writing Center Director, at


A student works on her paper with a tutor.Five tutors stand smiling behind a table with Winthrop shirtsA tutor works with a student on a laptop.