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Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE)


What is SOURCE?


SOURCE is an annual event in which Winthrop undergraduates from all disciplines can present or perform their scholarly and creative work. Students' projects may have originated from course assignments or from extracurricular scholarly or creative activities. Work may have been presented or performed in other on- or off-campus venues, or it may be presented/performed for the first time at SOURCE. Both completed and ongoing projects will be showcased. In short, SOURCE welcomes and celebrates all undergraduates' scholarly and creative work. If you or your students have engaged (or will engage) in research and/or creative activity this year, please consider sharing it at SOURCE.  



Event Date: April 14th 2023



Samantha SOURCE 2019





General Information about SOURCE

    SOURCE showcase students' work in the form of oral presentationsposter presentationsworkshops, gallery exhibitions and performances. Time slots for oral presentations and performances will be 15 minutes long; presenters and performers should plan to speak or perform for no longer than 12 minutes, allowing at least 3 minutes for audience questions. Each poster presenter will have a vertically mounted display panel measuring 36 inches high by 48 inches wide. Posters must fit within these dimensions and should be professional and easy to read from 5 feet away. Posters may be printed on single, large sheets of paper using a poster printer (such as the one in Printing Services); they may also be created using multiple smaller sheets.  Students moderating a workshop based on their research will be allotted a 30-minute window and reasonably modular space for their presentation. Performances will generally follow the 15 minute guideline unless other arrangements are made.

    Poster presentations and workshops will all be in person while there will be in-person and live virtual options for oral presentations and performances.

    All students planning to present or perform their scholarly or creative work at SOURCE must submit abstracts or descriptions of the work that will be included in the 2023 Undergraduate Scholarship and Creative Activity compilation (formerly known as the Book of Abstracts). The same online submission form will allow submitters to provide the necessary information to participate in SOURCE.

    The submission window for SOURCE is now closed! 

    More information on preparing your submission and a link to the submission form may be found on our Abstract Books & Compilations page.

    After you have submitted your abstract, you will want to keep an eye on your e-mail. Someone from  this office might e-mail you with questions regarding your submission or to ask you and your mentor(s) to revise certain parts of your abstract. Additionally, please use your WU e-mail for convenience during this process.

    Once we have completed the review process on our end, your submission will work its way to our editor who will ensure that it is placed in the Scholarship and Creative Activity Compilation Book. If you have elected to present at SOURCE, you'll want to keep checking your e-mail for information regarding the event.

    Work closely with your mentor(s) - they are the experts in your field and can give you guidance on how to best prepare for your presentation. Once available, the 2023 SOURCE conference page will also have tips on how to best prepare for your presentation.

    If you are hoping to win an award, you must adhere to these rubrics (note thise are from 2022 and may change as the 2023 event draws near):

    Oral Presentation Rubric (pdf - 654k)

    Poster Presentation Rubric (pdf - 651k)

    Performance Rubric (pdf - 656k)


Archives of Previous SOURCE Events:

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