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Undergraduate Research


Disciplinary Research Awards

Each year, many Winthrop undergraduates are recognized by experts in their fields for excellence in research and creative activity. Partial lists of those awardees -- including all recognitions that are shared with the Undergraduate Research Office -- are linked below.

2019-2020 Disciplinary Research Awards (pdf - 114 KB)

2018-2019 Disciplinary Research Awards (pdf - 704 KB)

2017-2018 Disciplinary Research Awards (pdf - 184 KB)

2016-2017 Disciplinary Research Awards (pdf - 465 KB)

2015-2016 Disciplinary Research Awards (pdf - 509 KB)

2014-2015 Disciplinary Research Awards (pdf - 493 KB)


Inez Bell Caskey Student Scholar Awards

Undergraduate researchers in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible for the Inez Bell Caskey Student Scholar Awards. The funding for these awards was generously given in 2009 by Dr. Thomas Caskey in honor of his mother, who graduated from Winthrop University in 1930. The Caskey Awards are given each year in three categories: Humanities and Arts; Social Sciences; and Science and Mathematics. Award recipients are selected by a faculty committee in a highly competitive process. Winners are chosen based on the quality of their scholarship and the significance of the work to the students' disciplines.

Award Recipients


Humanities and Arts: Tea Franco
Social Sciences: Kalea Young-Gibson
Science and Mathematics: Sean Wechsler

Humanities and Arts: Lauren Leonard
Social Sciences: Sydney Strother
Science and Mathematics: Cale Gaster

Humanities and Arts: Kate Burt
Social Sciences: Jessica Doscher
Science and Mathematics: Colin Frazier  

Humanities and Arts: Addie Crawford
Social Sciences: Krista Parenti
Science and Mathematics: Davis Plasko 

Humanities and Arts: Eliza Wilcox
Social Sciences: Emily Hokett
Science and Mathematics: Olivia Manley

Humanities and Arts: Carson Cope
Social Sciences: Leah Brown
Science and Mathematics: Sarah Wicks

Humanities and Arts: Alexander Muller
Social Sciences: Kayla Davis 
Science and Mathematics: Emili Price

Humanities and Arts: Joseph Giordano 
Social Sciences: Brittney Black 
Science and Mathematics: Hannah Swan 

Humanities and Arts: Cayla Eagon 
Social Sciences: Allison Howard 
Science and Mathematics: Nicole Wesselschmidt

Humanities and Arts: Dylan Phillips 
Social Sciences: Lilah Campbell 
Science and Mathematics: Lyndsey Powell 


The Janice Chastain Houk Award for Undergraduate Research

The Janice Chastain Houk Award for Undergraduate Research was created in 2007 by her husband and sons to honor her life and memory. Two awards are presented annually, one to a Biology student and one to a Political Science student.

Janice Chastain Houk Endowed Fund

Last Updated: 5/29/20