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Submission Window

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Submission Policy

Any Winthrop undergraduate who has engaged in research (i.e., scholarly or creative activity) between Summer 2024 and Spring 2025, or who has presented or performed their work at a professional meeting and/or to the campus community during that time, is encouraged to submit to Undergraduate Scholarship and Creative Activity 2025, and to consider presenting or performing at the seventh annual Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) on April 11, 2025 (exact date TBD). This includes students who have conducted exemplary work in classes with discipline-specific scholarly or creative activities. Each submission must be sponsored by a Winthrop faculty mentor or department chair.


Length and Format

The body of the abstract or description (not counting title, authors, etc.) is limited to a maximum of 250 words and should concisely describe the scholarly or creative project. It should be in paragraph form and not contain in-text citations or sections. (See your faculty mentor for help writing the abstract/description.)



Please make sure you have everything ready before visiting the submission form. The submission form linked below will prompt you to enter the following information. 

  1. Abstract/project title

  2. Names, e-mail addresses, and CWIDs for all contributing undergraduate student authors

  3. Names, e-mail addresses, and academic departments for all faculty mentors

  4. Abstract body (project description), limited to 250 words, in paragraph form.  Note that you'll be prompted to upload your abstract as a Microsoft Word document if it contains formatted text (e.g., bold, italics, super- and subscript), as well as symbols.

  5. Additional information specific to your particular abstract (not all will apply to you), including Honors Thesis Committee members, details of course information, conference presentations, publications, scholarships/grants, and/or awards related to the project

  6. Information related to presenting or performing your work on campus at SOURCE 2025.



The collections in our archives represent countless hours of scholarly and creative activity in which students honed their research, creativity, critical thinking, and writing skills and engaged in learning well beyond the classroom.