Student Complaints

Glossary of Terms


A request that a decision regarding a petition or complaint be considered at a higher level in the university.

College-Level Policies

Policies established under the authority of a department/college that apply to students in a particular major or program.

Issuance of a Grade Report

This is defined as when access to a grade report is available online.

Petition for Waiver or Variance

A request for a waiver of college or university policy, which, if applied, would cause undue hardship on the student.


A written statement governing the actions of Winthrop University's administrators, faculty, staff, students, visitors and others who come in contact with the university. Academic policies are those pertaining to student's progress toward the completion of a degree program (course substitutions, grades, cultural events). Non-academic policies refer to functions outside the student's academic endeavors (parking, housing).

University Level Policies

Policies established under the auspices of the university and applied to all students enrolled in or under consideration for admission to the university.