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Blackboard Ultra Experience - Faculty/Staff Tutorials & Resources

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Blackboard Help for Ultra Courses 

Obtain debug code for Ultra course issue (PDF-225KB)


    Step 1: Create your Getting Started Module

    Step 3: Copy Content from Another Course

    Step 5: Setup Overall Grade

    Step 6: Make your Course Available

      Not quite sure about copyright laws governing your online course information? Wondering what Winthrop University's copyright policy states? Visit the Copyright Information for Instructors page for more information.

    Use Forced Sequencing in a Module

    Add a Collaborative Document

    Create and Manage Groups

    Create a Manual Column or Assignment without Online Submissions

    Create a Rubric

    Reorder Gradebook Columns

    For assistance with generating closed captions or transcripts, please contact

    Accessibility Guidelines and Ally (Link)

    Accommodations, Exceptions and Exemptions

    Creating Accessible Courses (Link)

    Documents and Design





      Check Student Actvitiy Date for Financial Aid

      Access Summary Statistics

      Access Attempt Logs

      Grade Assignments and Tests cContaining Manually Graded Question Types

      Grade Assignments with Uploaded Submissions

      Grade Journal Entries

      Gradebook Views and Posting Grades

      Grade Discussions

    Accommodations, Exceptions and Exemptions

    You can view our list of Blackboard Add-Ons currently available. If you would like to use an add-on that is not listed, please submit the Blackboard Add-On Request form.

      Adding Zoom to your Course

      Video Conferencing Resources

      Getting Started with Panopto (Link)

      Editing Panopto Videos (Link)

      Panopto Troubleshooting Guide (Link)

      Panopto Support Site (Link)

      Replacing Techsmith with Panopto in your Blackboard Original Course (PDF-677KB)

      Replacing Techsmith with Panopto in your Blackboard Ultra Course (PDF-602KB)

      Create a Discussion Forum with Panopto Video Submissions (PDF-297KB)

      Create a Panopto Video Assignment Folder (Link)

      Opt in to Zoom Recording Imports to Panopto (PDF - 205KB)

      Opt in to Zoom Recording Imports to Panopto (Video)

    Create a Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook for Ultra Course (PDF-555KB)

    Barnes & Nobles First Day Courses

    Request a Parent Course (PDF-370KB)

    Add Users to an Organization

    Export Course Package

    Import Course Content