Strategic Vision for Online Education at Winthrop University

The Strategic Vision for Online Education aligns with the Winthrop Plan to be a national model for providing a supportive, high-quality, and affordable educational experience that has a positive impact on students and the community. Winthrop University will deliver an online educational experience that enhances access, meets emerging needs and interests, and maintains the quality of the Winthrop experience for diverse student populations.

Guiding Principles for Online Education

Education at Winthrop University is built upon a fundamental commitment to academic quality. To deliver online education that maintains the rigor, academic standards, and quality Winthrop experience expected of our campus-based programs, Winthrop University commits to the following guiding principles:

Student-Centered Experience

Winthrop University is committed to providing a student-centered university experience. Quality online education requires individualized student attention, which is reflected in class size, an online student orientation and advising component, opportunities for interaction and collaboration with faculty and peers, rigorous coursework that prepares students for a successful career, and responsive technical support. Online students are provided access to institutional student support services, activities, and programs that are consistent with the University's mission, promote student learning, and enhance student development.

Ongoing Support for Faculty

Winthrop University is committed to providing ongoing faculty support for effective and dynamic online instruction through a variety of approaches, including professional development opportunities, specialized training courses on online course design and facilitation standards, training resources, instructional design services, and responsive technical support.

Provision and Support for Emerging Technology

Winthrop University is committed to providing and supporting emerging technology that delivers and enhances the academic experience for all users. Emerging academic and learning technologies that are appropriate and accessible to students, faculty, and staff will be used effectively to support online education.


Review Date
September 2017