Residence Life Important Information

Information Regarding COVID-19 Safety


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) detection and prevention efforts continue, along with normal influenza season concerns.  What does this mean for you as a resident at Winthrop University?  Residence Life has discussed some ways to encourage good health while living on campus during this time.  We realize that some of these suggestions may go against what we normally encourage you to do to get out there and be involved in campus life, but the current situation requires some different thinking for the rest of the semester.

  • As always, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds regularly and trying not to touch your face with your hands is the most effective way to cut down on coming in contact with viruses. With frequent handwashing, you may want to also use lotion afterwards to keep your skin from drying and cracking.
  • Clean surfaces often that are touched frequently, such as your desk, door knobs, and bathroom areas.
  • Proper cough etiquette encourages us to cough into our elbows, into our clothing, or in a tissue (discard afterward), rather than in our hands.
  • Avoid using common spaces during this time, or going to events where large numbers of people come together and may not be practicing good hygiene or proper cough etiquette. Currently, there are no restrictions or cancellations of meetings or events on campus, but this situation is being monitored. Students will be informed of any changes.
  • Residence Life may consider closing certain common study areas in the residence halls in order to let our custodial staff focus more on cleaning open spaces and bathrooms.
  • Resident Assistants may start doing more “passive programming” rather than active, in person group activities or door-to-door conversations. This type of educational programming may be in the form of bulletin boards or electronic means.
  • Avoid using computer labs…these spaces get a lot of use and are difficult to clean thoroughly. Consider using Grubhub for food orders in Markley’s.    Download the Grubhub app and spend less time waiting in line.  Then eat in a more private setting with fewer people.
  • Take advantage of Sodexo’s green boxes and get your Thomson meals to go.
  • If you feel sick (even if you think it’s just a cold), stay home! It is not advised that you attend classes or go to work if you are unwell. You may pass your illness to others or be susceptible to more serious illness.  You need time to rest and recover.
  • COVID-19 does not discriminate and neither should you. This is not a time to single out people or specific groups as a perceived cause of illness.

All of these suggestions are to keep you safe and healthy. 


Department of Residence Life