Procurement Services

Purchasing Card Program Tutorial

Departmental Liaison Responsibilities

  • Bank of America's telephone number is 888/449-2273
  • Collecting canceled cards
  • Collecting monthly statements from cardholders and retain for audit
  • Collecting receipts
  • Ensure that each receipt has a justification
  • Identifying charges needing sales taxes
  • Reconciling/allocating charges via WORKS
  • Resolving disputes with Bank of America
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Retaining receipts for audit

Detailed Audit Guideline Checklist

  1. Match original receipts with WORKS activity. Make sure that receipts are itemized and that each receipt has a justification.
  2. Make changes if necessary via the G/L assistant in WORKS.
  3. Make sure to check if sales tax was paid.
  4. If employee travel account code was used, include a copy of the approved cardholder's Travel Authorization Document with the reconciliation. Add the traveler's name when editing the transaction in WORKS.
  5. For telephone or internet transactions, have sufficient documentation for the purchase. These purchases typically do not have an actual receipt. Ask the telephone vendor to fax you a confirmation. For internet transactions, print out the "shopping cart" information. Attach the packing slip to the appropriate receipt once the item is received.
  6. Verify charges on the monthly VISA statement for all cardholders to include:
    • VISA Statement should be signed by the cardholder.
    • Ensure all original and detailed receipts are attached and appropriate justification is noted on each receipt. Missing receipts should be notated in WORKS.
    • Ensure that VISA statements and all backup is reviewed and signed by the cardholder's immediate supervisor.
  7. Once you have reconciled a card, run report in WORKS and attach to the receipts for that month. You must also sign and date this report. Once the cardholder's statement arrives and has been reviewed, attach it to the receipts and WORKS report after it has been signed by the cardholder and reviewed and signed by the cardholder's immediate supervisor.