Welcome to Banner!

Winthrop is currently in the process of a 4.5 year system migration from Plus to Banner. This means our campus-wide student, financial, financial aid, and human resources systems (SIS, FRS, and HRS) will be replaced with a much improved contemporary software suite offering universal improvements in functionality and productivity.

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Banner Training Manuals:

Financial -

  • Session 1 - Finance Basics - Logging On and General Budget Inquiry
  • Session 2 - Finance Intermediate - Viewing Accounts and Creating/Approving Requisitions
  • Session 3 - Finance Advanced - Advanced Budget Queries and Account Analysis
  • Session 4 - Finance Advanced - Viewing Documents
  • Session 4 - Finance Advanced - Approving Purchase Orders
  • Session 5 - Introduction to Grants and Banner Basics
  • Session 6 - Grant Budgeting and Fiscal Reporting