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Visit the Continuity of Instruction page for additional resources on remote delivery.

Welcome to the Office of Online Learning's Instructor Training and Resources page!  Below you will find tutorials that provide information about teaching in an online environment, using the Blackboard LMS, and integrating educational tools available to Winthrop University instructors.

Use the menu below to navigate through our resources.  Clicking on a tab will reveal additional information.  You can also click on an open tab to close it again.  

All tutorials are available in PDF or Video format.


    Blackboard FAQs (PDF-424KB)

    Blackboard Learn Ultra Quick Start Guide (PDF-2.2MB)

    Courses Page Overview (PDF-654KB)

    How To Make Your Course Available using Qwickly(PDF-285KB)

    How To Make Your Course Available (PDF-305KB)

    Blackboard Organizations (PDF-1MB)

    Managing Media for Quick Course Copy (PDF-34.2KB)

    Copy a Course (PDF-381KB)

    Export and Import a Blackboard Course (PDF-437KB)

    Request a Parent Course (PDF-370KB)

    View and Hide Dropped Students (PDF-291KB)

    Create a TechSmith Relay Account (PDF-691KB)

    Winthrop Online Teaching Certification Information (Link)

    Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from a Link (PDF-342KB)

    Facilitate a Collaborate Ultra Session (Video)

    Video Conferencing Resources (Link)

      Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Winthrop University. 

      1. A Blackboard course shell is automatically created for all courses each semester. 
      2. Enrolled students are automatically added to the courses.
      3. Rosters are updated four times a day (7:00am, 11:00am, 3:00pm, 6:30pm).
      4. Courses remain on Blackboard for four years after the semester has ended. 
      5. Student data (grades, student interactions, and submissions) will remain available for one year after the semester has ended.
      6. Students have access to courses for 30 to 90 days after the semester has ended, unless the instructor makes the course unavailable.

      It is recommended that faculty members allow a minimum of 12-16 weeks for online course development.

      Meet with an Instructional Designer 

      Online Course Design Checklist (PDF-23KB)

      Online Course Design Tips (PDF-31.8KB)

      • Faculty members new to Blackboard or online instruction should enroll in the Winthrop Online Training Certification program. These courses cover instructional design principles, Blackboard features and capabilities, and Winthrop University procedures you will need to succeed in an online learning environment.

        If you are interested in scheduling Blackboard training, contact Lee Clark (Online Learning Technician) at 803/323-2212 or Kim Brazzell (Instructional Technologist) at 803/323-3841, or you can browse the CPE Calendar for available sessions.

    For assistance with generating closed captions or transcripts, please contact

    Accessibility Guidelines and Ally (Link)

    Activate the High Contrast Color Setting (PDF-314KB)


    You can view our list of Blackboard Add-Ons currently available. If you would like to use an add-on that is not listed, please submit the Blackboard Add-On Request form.

      Not quite sure about copyright laws governing your online course information? Wondering what Winthrop University's copyright policy states? Visit the Copyright Information for Instructors page for more information.

Last Updated: 8/23/21