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Welcome to the Office of Online Learning's Instructor Training and Resources page!  Below you will find tutorials that provide information about teaching in an online environmnet, using the Blackboard LMS, and integrating educational tools available to Winthrop University instructors.

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All tutorials are available as PDFs.  If video instructions are available, they are linked within the PDF at the top of the first page.

      If you would like assistance with developing an online course, you may schedule appointments with the Office of Online Learning's instructional designers. Visit the Instructional Design page to schedule a meeting. It is recommended that faculty members allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for online course development.

      • Faculty members new to Blackboard or online instruction should enroll in the Winthrop Online Training Certification program. These courses cover instructional design principles, Blackboard features and capabilities, and Winthrop University procedures you will need to succeed in an online learning environment.

        If you are interested in scheduling Blackboard training, contact Kim Brazzell, Online Learning Technician, at 803/323-2212, or browse the Teaching and Learning Center for available sessions.

      1. Take an online class before teaching it.
      2. Schedule online learning classes the same days and times as traditional classes.
      3. Have each student introduce themselves.
      4. Reward those who read.
      5. Start each online class with announcements.
      6. End each online class with a Q&A session.
      7. Give practice tests.
      8. Create a game or competition.
      9. Compliment students who go above and beyond your expectations.
      10. Use the phone as needed. 

      Not quite sure about copyright laws governing your online course information? Wondering what Winthrop University's copyright policy states? Visit the Copyright Information for Instructors page for more information.

        Create a Blog (PDF-367KB)

        Create a Blog Entry (PDF-453KB)

        Comment on a Blog Entry

        Enable Grading on a Blog (PDF-244KB)

        Tool Link to a Blog (PDF-349KB)

        Create a Journal (PDF-341KB)

        Create a Journal Entry (PDF-317KB)

        Comment on a Journal Entry

        Enable Grading on a Journal (PDF-243KB)

        Tool Link to a Journal (PDF-332)

        Create a Wiki (PDF-387KB)

        Create a Wiki Page (PDF-313KB)

        Comment on a Wiki Page

        Enable Grading on a Wiki (PDF-234KB)

        Tool Link to a Wiki (PDF-314)

        Create a Group

        Create a Group Collaborate Session

        • The Respondus LockDown Browser tool prevents printing, screen capturing, and accessing other web sites during the online exam. The Respondus Monitor tool records the learner’s environment during the exam with their web cam. Training sessions are available through the Center for Professional Excellence for creating secure online tests with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.


        Enable Respondus LockDown Browser for a Test (PDF-371KB)

        Create a TurnItIn Assignment

      The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) has been in practice for over 15 years with the goal of sharing best practices for designing high quality online and hybrid courses. The ECP Rubric defines key characteristics of exemplary courses within four categories, including Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support. The Exemplary Course Program Rubric is used by thousands in K-12, higher education, government, and business to evaluate and improve their courses. Use the ECP Rubric as a resource for gaining exemplary design tips for the course that you are designing or for self-reviewing the course that you are currently teaching online. You can visit the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program website to download the rubric and to learn more.

      If you are interested in designing an online course, please take advantage of the resources available to you on this site. Understanding the expectations for online faculty, guidelines for course development, and best practices for online assessment will ensure your success.

      Analysis and Design Considerations (PDF-41KB)

      Best Practices for Assessment in Online Courses (PDF-67.4KB)

      Faculty Expectations for Online Course Delivery (PDF-16KB)

      Online Course Design Checklist (PDF-23KB)

      Online Course Design Tips (PDF-31.8KB)

      For additional resources on the web, visit Behind the Blackboard.

      To connect with online communities concerned with Blackboard, visit the Communities page at Blackboard and find wikis, user groups, listservs, idea exchanges, and more.


      Online Education Policy

      Online Education Handbook

      • The Video Instruction on Blackboard page contains links to instructional videos for faculty on the usage of Blackboard's major tools. Everything from creating quizzes to uploading PowerPoint presentations can be found there.

      • The On-Demand Learning Center also provides video training for instructors using the Blackboard LMS.

Last Updated: 1/23/20