Model United Nations

Dr. Jennifer Leigh Disney - Faculty Advisor

Katie Hartnett - Program Assistant


Private cars can park in the Founders Lot, Parking Lot D on the Parking Map, reserved for Model UN Parking. Enter the Winthrop University campus from Cherry Road. Turn left into campus onto Alumni Drive, and then make the first left onto Founders Lane to park in the Founders Lot on your right. The Founders Lane parking lot faces the campus green, and the back entrance to the DiGiorgio Campus Center is directly across from the campus green! Therefore, you can park here, walk across the campus green, and enter through the back entrance of the DiGiorgio Campus Center and take the stairs or the elevator up from the ground floor to the first floor. Turn left, walk past the pool tables and game room, and proceed to the Richardson Ballroom Lobby.  


Alternatively, if buses and private cars first want to drop off participants before parking, you can turn left off of Cherry Road onto Alumni Drive, and proceed down to Heritage Lane, turn left, turn left again, and drop students off at the front entrance of the DiGiorgio Campus Center. Buses can then go park in the Legion Lot/Cherry Road Parking Lot F on the Parking Map.

Please refer to the Parking Map for more information. Parking passes will not be needed. 


Country Preference Forms: October 28, 2023

High School Committee Resolutions: February 16, 2024

Early Registration: November 1, 2023- December 22, 2023

  • $45: Delegate Fee
  • $25: Observer Fee 
  • $0: Advisor Fee

Regular Registration: January 2, 2024- February 29, 2024

  • $50: Delegate Fee
  • $25: Observer Fee 
  • $0: Advisor Fee

Late Registration: March 1, 2024- March 15, 2024

  • $55: Delegate Fee
  • $25: Observer Fee
  • $0: Advisor Fee