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Winthrop University Foundation

Board of Directors

The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of alumni and friends of Winthrop University. The officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Director of the Foundation is responsible for the Foundation's daily operations.

The Winthrop University President, Executive Director of the Foundation, Vice President for University Advancement,  Chair of the Board of Trustees, Chair of the Committee on External Engagement and Athletics, and Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Reunion Giving all serve as non-voting ex officio directors. Automatic Directors include the President, President-Elect and Finance Chair of the Winthrop University Alumni Association.


Please see the full list of Board Member Responsibilities.


  • Peter Moroni '07, '09 - President (Fort Mill, SC)
  • Matt Dosch - Vice President (Fort Mill, SC)
  • Linda Warner '80 - Treasurer - (Rock Hill, SC)
  • Dr. Sue Rex - Secretary (Winnsboro, SC)
  • Bob Breakfield - Immediate Past President (Rock Hill, SC)

Board Members

  • Chelsea Brown '14 (Baltimore, MD)
  • Claude Close (Fort Mill, SC)
  • Harry Emerson (Rock Hill, SC)
  • Catherine Faircloth (Rock Hill, SC)
  • Terry Grayson-Caprio '85 (Greer, SC)
  • Creighton Hayes (Rock Hill, SC)
  • Jan Ivey '84 (Charlotte, NC)
  • Dawn Johnson (Rock Hill, SC)
  • Eric Kleman (Fort Mill, SC)
  • R. Sylvester Owens '03, '06 (Washington, DC)
  • Andy Popenfoose '07 (Winona Lake, IN)
  • Chris Tidwell '85 (Canton, MI)
  • Dr. Andy Wilson '96 (Skokie, IL)

Ex Officio Members - Voting

  • Byron Putman '94 - President of the Winthrop University Alumni Association (Rock Hill, SC)
  • Scott Melton '04 - President-elect of the Winthrop University Alumni Association (Baltimore, MD)
  • Casey Ferri '09 - Finance Chair of the Winthrop University Alumni Association (Charlotte, NC)

Ex Officio Members - Non-Voting

Last Updated: 4/17/23