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Providing resources to address emerging needs is important to the success of Winthrop and our students. Annual gifts enable you to impact a specific area or the Winthrop Fund, the university's largest source of unrestricted support.


Every Eagle, Every Year


The Winthrop Fund

The Winthrop Fund provides immediate support to students and the university. There are no restrictions on these gifts, allowing the university to address areas of greatest need. It provides the most flexibility with your gift through scholarships and making possible the continued growth of the institution's goals and initiatives.

Excellence Funds

An Excellence Fund gift offers a particulary meaningful way to advance the individual colleges, divisions or departments by fulfilling urgent funding needs in a timely and effective manner. These gifts help bolster the quality of programs, provide student professionial development opportunities, support outstanding faculty in enrichment and research endeavors and engage alumni and friends in the life of the university. 

Intercollegiate Athletics

Every year, the cost of higher education rises and the need for private support increases. Gifts in support of intercollegiate athletics through the Eagle Club directly fund the cost of student-athlete scholarships, provide financial support for specific sport programs, and contribute to capital fundraising projects. 


There is no better time to support Winthrop than now. The campus is thriving with facility renovation projects and innovative programs, bringing more good news for the Eagle community every day. Don't miss your opportunity to participate in this incredible time in Winthrop history by making your annual gift today.

For more information about supporting Winthrop, please contact University Advancement at 803/323-2275, toll-free at 800/801-1083 or by e-mail at