Winthrop University: College of Education - Year-long Internship

College of Education

Year-long Internship


The year-long internship provides candidates an opportunity to experience multiple facets of professional teaching through two structures:

  1. Following a school district calendar starting at the beginning of the K-12 academic year (this means candidates start when teacher workdays are scheduled in August and follow the district calendar through late April); 
  2. Remaining in one placement/school for both semesters (some K-12 content areas must change grade levels thus have a different placement for Internship II).


Information for university supervisors, mentor teachers, and teacher candidates is available in the Year-long Internship Handbook (under "Handbooks and Guides" at


Internship I and Internship II evaluations are key assessments. These are updated annually and posted at under "Midterm and Final Evaluations." Lesson plan templates for each program area are also posted at this link.

Last Updated: 10/24/19