College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

Dean's Office Contacts

The Dean's Office in the Richard W. Riley College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences provides administrative support and serves to facilitate the work of the faculty and staff and ensure the best possible academic experience for our students. The office serves the College and the University by participating in local, state, and national educational communities. The Dean is the chief academic administrator of the College and is responsible for the personnel and program administration of the College. She is assisted by the Associate Dean and the Director of Graduate Studies.


Costner, Beth

Dr. Beth Greene Costner


Hamel, Erin

Dr. Erin Hamel
Associate Dean; Executive Director of Macfeat Early Childhood Laboratory School; Associate Professor - Early Childhood Education


Harris, Lisa
Dr. Lisa Harris
College Director of Graduate Studies; M.A.T. Program Director; Professor - Educational Technology, Educational Research, Core


Johnson, Lisa

Dr. Lisa Johnson
Senior Associate to the Dean


Collins, Ronda
Ms. Ronda Collins
Executive Support Specialist


Davis, Alan

Mr. Alan Davis
Director of Research and Assessment

Park, Kathie
Ms. Kathie Park
Budget Analyst/Building Manager


Adams, Carol

Ms. Carol Adams
Administrative Specialist, Student Learning & Licensure Assistant