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Academic Advising

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At Winthrop University, faculty members advise all students who have declared a major. Advising is also done by the Advisement Coordinator in Student Academic Services for students who have not declared a specific education major (pre-education majors or those students who have recently transferred to Winthrop University). Academic advising at Winthrop is an integral part of the learning process through which students are advised of degree requirements, course sequencing, career opportunities, and campus resources. One of the most valuable resources is the catalog. PLEASE read and re-read the catalog. Prior to registration, students at Winthrop are required to contact their faculty advisor to receive the appropriate form and to receive assistance in planning course work for the next term. Ultimately, each student is responsible for understanding and completing all degree requirements and making career-oriented decisions. (Source: Richard W. Riley College of Education Faculty Manual)

Advising Tips

  • When meeting your advisor, please be on time and prepared.
  • Turn off your cell phone or place it on silent.
  • Take a copy of your Degree Checklist.
  • Be prepared to discuss course options, address academic problems or concerns, and make decisions about the upcoming semester.

Advisement Checklist (pdf - 12 KB)

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Degree Checklists

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