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2023 Summer Camps

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Enrollment Process

Once your payment has been received, you will be emailed three enrollment forms to be completed electronically. After all forms have been returned, your child(ren) will be fully registered for camp. 

STEAM with LEGO- Waitlist (Email us at to get on the waitlist)

  • Rising 2nd - 5th 
  • June 26-30th 8:30-12:00PM
    • Cross-curricular STEAM solution for primary education students where students will engage with hands-on activities using LEGO building elements. Students will investigate the STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. Students will develop their STEAM knowledge and practices, deliver strong STEAM learning outcomes and 21st century skills. Students will create engaging, interactive models by connecting the Intelligent Hub, motors, a Light Matrix, and a Color  Sensor - to bring STEAM concepts to life. Each day, units have been designed around playful narrative-based problem-solving with relatable themes that can develop young students into independent STEAM thinkers. Students brainstorm and develop creative solutions through trial and error while collaborating with their peers.​ Students will experience intuitive coding. Students can progress all the way from lower to upper primary following a progression of block-based coding from icon blocks to word blocks based on Scratch. This provides age- and skill-appropriate tools for developing their coding proficiency.

Scratch Coding Camp: Gaming and Animation

  • Rising 4th - 6th  
  • July 10-14th  8:30-12:00PM
    • Developed by MIT, Scratch coding is a great way to introduce kids to computer programming because it uses simple drag-and-drop blocks rather than complex syntax. That means kids can focus on learning core coding concepts and logic, while not getting frustrated with typing errors. However, not all ways of learning Scratch are created equal. Learning coding is much more about developing computational thinking, creativity, and critical thinking, rather than about writing a couple of programs. Unlike many Scratch coding classes where kids are handed a sheet of paper and asked to follow instructions, with our small group, interactive setting, and inquiry-based instruction style, students are lead through experiential learning. Learners use Scratch scripts to create codes while learning to problem solve and create animations and games, developing skills and mindsets of real life.  Through Scratch, learners will develop their 21st-century skills of wonder, curiosity, inventiveness, resourcefulness, collaboration, among other skills!   Experience the best Scratch coding camp for kids and see the difference!

Python Coding 101

  • Rising 6th - 8th 
  • July 17-21st  8:30-12:00PM
    • Do you want your child to be ahead of the coding game? Python opens up a whole world of programming possibilities! Python is a high-level coding language used by companies such as Netflix and Google, and it is also used for web development, game development, building apps, machine learning, and so much more. Studies have shown programming with Python to be one of the simplest and most popular coding languages when learning to code. This camp covers not only the basics of Python coding for students, but also puts a strong focus on the elements of Python that are most relevant to Artificial Intelligence, including data structures and libraries. Student will deepen their understanding of computational thinking and grow more ambitious with every project! Beginning with Python will start them on a long and fulfilling path in coding and STEM. If your child is interested in exploring more advanced code writing and computer science programming languages, this is the perfect way to get started.


If you are interested in volunteering, please signup through this link. You must be rising 10th grade through college senior. 


2022 Summer Camps

The Instructional Technology Center has concluded STEAM camps for Summer 2022. Below is a synopsis and video summary to our camps that were offered this past summer. 

Rising 3rd-6th Graders: Introduction to Coding

  • Have you wondered what is needed to make a robot? In this camp students will investigate different robots. Kids will learn aspects of engineering, automation, and coding to accomplish a series of innovative challenges in this robotics summer camp. Robots are everywhere. They build cars and other products, vacuum floors, and drive themselves on streets.  While they don’t get to take their LEGO robots home at the end of summer camp, they do get to keep their valuable coding, problem-solving, and programming skills. STEAM skills we hope will continue to grow and develop.

Rising 6th-9th Graders: Video Game Designer

  • Have you ever thought about being a video game designer?  In this camp, students will transform their love for video games into valuable STEAM skills and maybe even a career. We’re all about turning you from a gamer into a game developer! In this video game design camp, kids take their passion for video games to a new level. In fact, they will develop their own playable video games. The games developed in this tech camp will be an array of arcade-style video games. Consequently, they will learn character development, environment creation, and innovative gameplay. 

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