Virtual Advising Resources

The resources below are provided to assist faculty and students as they engage in virtual advising.  These are not intended to replace contact with your individual faculty advisor as needed.


General Resources

Advising Manual (PDF-650) (updated spring 2020)

CESHS Override Request Form

Degree Check Lists

    GPA Calculator that accounts for repeat options.  Download to edit.

    Grading Scale (PDF - 123K) for spring 2020 and fall 2020

    State Scholarship (PDF - 190K) information

    Advisor resource presentation (PDF - 3M) from the FYE

    Part 1 for Advisors

    Part 1 for Students

    Part 2 (Advisors/Students)

    Part 3 (Advisors/Students)

Library Services

    From: Keck, Christopher Darrell
    Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 3:25:32 PM
    Subject: OA Answers Questions about Accessible Online Classes


    The Office of Accessibility (OA) wants to provide you with a quick Q&A in regards to classroom accommodations as we move to an online classroom environment:

      A: To adjust extended time on exams, and/ or quizzes, you may follow this link from the Office of Online Learning to Add Test Exceptions to a Test

      A: Yes! Please keep in mind the student may need these accommodations as they may experience an exacerbation of their disability- especially in this time of adjustment, heightened anxiety, and uncertainty. Also, the student and instructor need to communicate regarding the goals and expectations of the class. The student understands that they still need to complete the work and that their grade can still be impacted using this accommodation. Instructors and students can use this guideline for flexibility accommodations (PDF) to assist in conversations regarding the expectations of the class. OA staff can assist in conversations, as well.

      A: Yes! OA staff will be working remotely, however with the assistance of technology, we will be able to initiate conversations via e-mail, and can then explore options such as Skype, telephone, or other online options to engage in discussion and conversation. OA staff can be reached at

      A: Yes! OA staff will be able to register students via phone, Skype, or Zoom. Students will still need to submit documentation as specified on the OA website and our staff will be in touch with them to arrange a virtual intake appointment.

      A: Make sure Voice-over PowerPoint presentations, YouTube clips, videos, audio clips, etc., are closed captioned or have an accompanying transcript. Winthrop’s Dacus Library offers resources to help faculty locate appropriate videos that are already captioned. The Office of Online Learning is able to assist with providing instructions on properly captioning YouTube videos that are stored on your own YouTube channel. They can also assist with items that may need to be sent out for captioning or to generate a transcript. Please communicate with the Office of Online Learning as soon as possible, for assistance with this process.

      A: Winthrop’s Office of Online Learning has provided a Continuity of Instruction page to assist faculty. The Office of Online Learning also can “turn on” Blackboard Ally for your course (Blackboard Ally scans your course and indicates which documents (including power points, PDF’s,, WORD docs, etc… have issues with accessibility, provides instructions for how to improve the accessibility, and provides alternative formats for the documents.).


      Outside resources such as these below may be able to provide you with ideas and things to consider as you design your course, and as other usability needs are identified. And remember, OA staff is available to assist you as needed:


    Logging in and establishing a meeting

    Joining a Meeting from Outlook

    Joining a Meeting from E-mail

    Tips for using for advising or virtual office hours (making calls)

    Teams is very similar to Zoom without the issues of needing an account.  This is part of Office 365 and extrememly easy to use. Check back as we are working to better understand how this might be a tool for regular, virtual office hours now and in the future.

    Virtual Process:

    College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences students that need to change major, minor, or concentration should e-mail (from account) a completed copy of the Change of Curriculum form to

    The subject of your e-mail should indicate: Virtual Change of Curriculum Form.

    The form is a fillable PDF (must be downloaded). The attachment to an e-mail from the student's will replace the need for a signature.

    Students should not attach a picture of the form as these are not readable.

    Virtual Process:

    College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences students that need to request a course substitution should first discuss situation with advisor. If the advisor agrees, the advisor should complete the a Course Substitution form.

    The following workflow should be followed:

    1. The advisor completes the fillable form andincludes a digital signature.
    2. Advisor forwards completed form to student who either uses a digital signature or acknowledges in an e-mail back to the faculty member that the form represents the discussion. Please use "Course Substitution -- Student last name" as the subject of the e-mail.
    3. Once the advisor receives confirmation the form and e-mail string with student is forwarded to department chair in which the program is housed.
    4. The department chair digitally signs the document and forwards to Ms. Gaylor for final processing.

    The primary change in our virtual environment is the collection of signatures so here is a work flow to help all keep this information moving forward:

    1. Student completes the form below (with exception of signatures).

    2. Student creates a e-mail to his/her advisor with form, student statements, PDF of DegreeWorks, and other supporting evidence as appropriate for the request.

    3. Advisor reviews materials; forwards all attachments and original student e-mail to chair; and adds statement indicating level of support (support, support with reservations, do not support) with a justification.

    4. Department chair reviews materials; forwards all attachments, original student e-mail, and faculty e-mail statement to Dr. Beth Costner; and adds statement indicating level of support (support, support with reservations, do not support) with a justification.

    5. Dr. Costner will then work with the Dean to review the request and notify student of outcome. A copy of all correspondence will be come a part of the student record in 144 Withers once complete and possible.


    CESHS Petition Procedures (pdf - 81 KB)

    The deadlines to submit general appeals are as follows:

    • August 1
    • November 15
    • April 15

    The deadline for appeals regarding graduation is the Thursday before Fall/Spring commencement.

      Any student wishing to request an exception to stated program admission requirements, an internship admission requirement, or a teacher education policy must make such an appeal in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Educator Preparation Committee (EPC). 

      Petition for Teacher Education Programs (pdf - 83 KB)

      This form is used for any student wishing to request an exception to stated program requirements for Athletic Training, Sport Management, Exercise Science, or Human Development and Family Studies.

      Petition for Sport, Human Performance, and Human Development Programs (pdf - 80 KB)


    Faculty have the professional authority to make the decision that providing an incomplete is appropriate. Students theoretically have a year to complete work, but faculty can set a shorter time frame.

    Faculty will clearly document expectations (including timelines) and share with the department chair and student. Having the student acknowledge the plan by e-mail is appropriate documentation.

    Bb courses will be open through summer so the student can access materials there.