Ideas for Using Technology in the Classroom

Use the websites to conduct virtual dissections   Develop a nutrition program and put it into a spreadsheet. For example: Students can record what they ea, Calories, Exercise programs, Weight, etc. Then they can graph all their data.   Present experiments to class by using a multimedia presentation.   Go on a virtual tour of another country.  Research the animal habitats, location of people, and the climate of the country to determine how people and climate affect where animals live.

Collect data about the weather for 1-4 weeks.  After looking at the weather for a specific period of time, challenge students to predict the weather for another 1-4 weeks.  Keep track and see how close student predictions were to the actual weather patterns. Keep track of the lows, highs, and averages.  Look at the rainfall and the average rainfall.

Connect a digital microscope to the whiteboard and discuss or label what you see.

Create a webquest that teaches other classmates about one of the concepts in the course.