CDI Internship Program

The Center for Career Development and Internships partners with several academic departments on internship course management.


Internship Courses

Art History (ARTH 340)

Chemistry (CHEM 461-463)

Individualized Studies (IDVS 461-463)

Modern Languages (SPAN 471-473, FREN 471-473)

Psychology (PSYC 340A-C)


How to Participate

Step 1. Find an internship that relates to your major/career goals

Prior to enrolling in this course, you must secure an internship related to your major. For assistance finding and applying for internships, schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development and Internships or visit our internship page.

Step 2. Complete the Internship Agreement Form

Complete the Internship Agreement Form (PDF - 565 KB) with your internship supervisor and submit it to your department and then the Center for Career Development and Internships for approval. (Students may not begin counting their hours until their internship is approved.)

Step 3. Register for the internship course

Register for the appropriate internship course as instructed by your department. Students must complete the internship during the semester of their enrollment in the internship course. No retroactive awarding of course credit is allowed for past internships.



Internship Hours 

Students enrolled in this course must complete 50 internship hours per credit hour. These must be completed during the term (fall, spring, summer) in which the student is registered for the course: 

  • 1 credit = 50 internship hours 
  • 2 credits = 100 internship hours 
  • 3 credits = 150 internship hours 

Each week, you must enter your internship hours in your Timesheet (PDF - 95.7 KB). After completing all hours required for your internship, you must have your supervisor sign the sheet to verify your hours.

Midpoint and Final Evaluations 

At the midpoint and end of your internship, you and your supervisor must complete the internship Midpoint and Final Evaluations (15-minute online surveys). These surveys will be e-mailed to you by the Center for Career Development and Internships. Results will be shared with the course instructor.

Class Assignments

Any additional requirements will be listed by the instructor in the syllabus.