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Being asked to interview for any type of position is great news! This could be an interview for a leadership position on campus, an internship, or a graduate school. The secret to successful interviewing is being prepared!

CCE can help you prepare for your next interview. 

We offer in person or Skype mock interviews to help you feel prepared and confident about your interviewing skills. Schedule an appointment with one of our CCE staff members.

Check out our Interview Guide (pdf — 901 kb)
Sample Interview Questions (pdf - 209 kb)

Tips for Following Up after the Interview

Researching Employers & Job Postings

Career and Civic Engagement offers EAGLElink as a resource for employers to connect with WU students and alumni seeking internships, part-time jobs, and full-time positions. We strive to keep fraudulent postings off EAGLElink by using some common "red flags" that are considered suspicious. "Red flags" don't automatically remove a job posting — we research the company and posting if suspicion arises and then make a decision. You should research suspicious companies or postings, too — or don't apply. We are sharing some "red flags"  so you, too, can attempt to identify such scam or fraudulent postings. Our position: never apply to a suspicious job.

These "red flags" are general markers shared to help you conduct a safer job search and to help you protect your identity. These red flags in no way cover all possible instances of fraud or all the red flags. Therefore, please always use your own discretion when applying to a position or interacting with a potential employer.

Fraudulent job postings try to take your money or your personal information. The jobs often look like easy and convenient ways to make money with very little effort. The old adage is accurate: If it looks to good to be true, then it probably isn't true! Check out our Guide to Employer Research and Scams (pdf - 391 kb) to learn more.


Last Updated: 6/13/19