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Career Assessments

Learning about yourself is part of the college experience. Now that you have begun your journey at Winthrop — you have probably started to think about things like: Did I pick the right major? Should I choose a minor? How can I study and learn more effectively to get a good grade? What type of job will I get after graduation?

Sound familiar? CCE offers two career assessments for current Winthrop students: Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  

Assessments can help you choose academic majors, improve your effectiveness and satisfaction in the work place or classroom, enhance your interactions and relationships with others, and find satisfying jobs because you will know what types of career paths are good matches!

Take the Assessment

Step 1: Take one or both of the assessments by visiting: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and/or Strong Interest Inventory

Step 2: Set an appointment via the CCE website here to have your results interpreted.
(Note: You will not receive your results until you come in for an appointment.)


Strong Interest Inventory: $12.50
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: $12.50
Fees will be accepted through Winthrop Marketplace during interpretation appointment.

Tip: Give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to take the assessments and answer the questions in your "shoes-off self." In other words, answer the questions by selecting the choice that sounds best or easiest to you, the one that you would do first even though it might not be the one you do most often. 

Last Updated: 6/17/19