Professionals Week

During this annual event, College of Business and Technology students take advantage of opportunities to engage and network with the business community through class speakers, panel discussions, company tours, and the Reverse Career Fair.  In 2020, Professionals Week will be conducted virtually. 

Professionals Week 2020

We have numerous opportunities for companies to interact with their future employees! 

Speakers & Panelists - Presentation to a class or group of students that enhances the learning process.  Faculty may combine speakers to create a panel discussion on a specific business topic.  This is a great opporutnity for alums to connect with a former professor! 

Business Expedition Program (Company Tours) - Students and faculty "tour" a company/organization's facility to experience first-hand how they operate and learn more about available career paths.  

Corporate Showcase - Companies schedule a specific time to provide students with an overview of their company/organization while sharing available internship and career opportunities.  This event can be for all students or a specific major/concentration.  

Reverse Career Fair - A unique opportunity that allows employers to interview students as they present their academic and professional experience at their own "booth". Fall 2020 event will be held on Thursday, October 29.  
Students: Flyer (916kb, pdf) & Application
Employers: Welcome Letter (219kb, pdf)

To ensure a successfull Professionals Week, we need your help!  Let us know how you would like to connect with your future employees! Professionals Week Employer Form

Calendar of Events (coming soon)