Computer Science and Information Systems


Internship opportunities are available to both computer science and computer information systems students. An internship is a great way to gain valuable experience, build a resume, and earn extra money for school. Internships often serve as a stepping stone to a full-time career. In addition to internships, many other part-time jobs in the area are available to students with computing skills.

CSCI 491 - Internship in Computer Science

A Winthrop University, computer science internship is an educational strategy that integrates classroom studies with work-based learning that is related to the student's academic curriculum and career goals. It is based on a goal-oriented relationship among the three internship partners:

  • the CSQM Department
  • the Hiring Organization
  • the Student

At the work site, the student engages in a variety of professional work activities designed to provide a total learning experience which meets the student's written learning objectives. In addition, the journal, term paper, and presentation components of CSCI 491 provide the opportunity for the student to reflect upon the experience and integrate the learned material into her/his CSCI coursework. The internship provides the student an excellent opportunity to self-evaluate her/his career goals and accordingly plan the remaining coursework.

Academic credit is not given for work experience alone. Rather, work experience is combined with related classroom course requirements. Internships in industry are based on the principle that learning does not confine itself to academic achievement, but is equally dependent upon practical experience.

For more information, consult the CSCI 491 Handbook or contact the CSQM Department Chair.

To find out more about all CBT Internship opportunities, please visit the Student Services site.