Computer Science and Information Systems

B.S. in Computer Science

Winthrop University offers a traditional computer science undergraduate degree that is based on the ACM curriculum guidelines for undergraduate computer science programs. Although located in a college of business, Winthrop's Computer Science curriculum is more closely related to those found at many engineering schools rather than a typical business-based program. Graduates of this program are equally well suited for either graduate school or for entry-level programming or analysis positions in business, government, or industry. The CSCI coursework emphasizes the understanding of a broad range of computing topics. All courses include not only theory, but require the student to construct effective solutions to rigorous problems.

B.S. in Business Administration - Computer Information Systems Concentration

The College of Business and Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree that allows students to select one of several areas of emphasis. The BSBA emphasis in computing is named Computer Information Systems (CIFS). Graduates from this program are well suited for entry-level analysis and programming positions in business or government. For example, many of these graduates gain employment with financial-based institutions in the Charlotte area, as well as numerous small businesses in the region. CIFS coursework includes general computer science topics, such as software engineering and database design and programming, as well as business topics such as accounting and marketing.