Computer Science and Information Systems

Undergraduate Computing Degrees at Winthrop

The Department of Computing and Information Sciences offers three variations of undergraduate computing degrees.

  • Computer Science (CSCI)
  • Computer Information Systems (CIFS)
  • Web Application Design

Computer Science

Winthrop University offers a traditional computer science undergraduate degree that is both broad and deep. Although located in a college of business, Winthrop's Computer Science curriculum is a technical degree similar to those found at many engineering schools. Graduates of this program are equally well suited for either graduate school or for entry-level programming or analysis positions in business, government, or industry. In recent years some graduates have chosen careers as analysts with the large US financial institutions based in Charlotte, but most have chosen to pursue opportunities with the numerous technical and manufacturing companies in this area.  The placement rate for graduates of this program is very good and our graduates receive excellent salaries.

The CSCI coursework emphasizes the understanding of a broad range of computing topics. The 16 or more computer science courses include computational theory, algorithm analysis, understanding of hardware principles, programming skills, and software engineering.  Electives include computer graphics, parallel programming, web development, networking, software project management, among others.  Students are required to complete a 9 month real-world group development project.  Requirements also include substantial math and science coursework.

Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems option of the BS in Business Administration degree combines elements of computer science with the business degree.  Graduates are capable of developing computer-based solutions to business problems.  Most graduates pursue careers with large financial or insurance companies as Analysts.

CIFS coursework includes at least 8 computer science courses.  Students also complete the Business core, which includes accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

Web Application Design

The BS in Digital Information Design includes four concentrations.  The most computing intensive of these is the Web Application Design concentration.  Students learn to develop the software that drives the World Wide Web.