Master of Business Administration


The MBA-Finance concentration provides students with more in-depth study of financial topics than the general MBA.  Students choosing this concentration tend to work in or aspire to work in the financial industry.  Common employers of our students and alumni include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, and boutique investment firms.

The general MBA program is a 36 credit hour program, including nine hours of electives.  Students who pursue the MBA with Finance concentration are required to take the 9 hours of electives in specific Finance classes.  Applicants choosing a concentration will be required to meet the same admission and prerequisite requirements as those in the general MBA program.

MBA-Finance Requirements:

FINC 681: Advanced Financial Management

Plus two courses from the following:

FINC 512: Financial Investments Management
FINC 513: Banking & Financial Services
FINC 514: International Financial Management
FINC 682: Corporate Financial Analysis

BADM 602: Financial Markets Seminar or BADM 694 Finance Internship (must be in Finance and must be approved)