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The College of Business is excited to launch a mentor program beginning Fall 2016. The program is intended to help CBA students transition from college to a career with the help of alumni who have successfully made the same transition not too long ago. Students accepted into the program will be required to interact with mentor's at least once a month, focusing on specific topics towards professional development.


  • Gain a role model
  • Receive assistance with long-term career planning and direction
  • Receive constructive criticism and guidance
  • Learn new things about yourself
  • Receive help with setting realistic goals and determining a career path
  • Improve professional and communication skills
  • Build on your network
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Feel good about your future
  • Possible new reference for future job applications or graduate school

Role as a Mentee

  • Commit to actively participate for two semesters
  • Contact mentor within a reasonable time after your initial meeting
  • Meet with assigned mentor at least once a month
  • Be respectful to mentor and time
  • Be open to suggestions and advise from mentor and program
  • Be engaged and prepared for interaction with mentor
  • Set clear and realistic goals
  • Participate in self-reflection and self-development
  • Honor commitments
  • Show professionalism
  • Actively listen
  • Ask questions

Mentor's Role

  • Encourage and support mentee
  • Guide mentee to set realistic goals
  • Provide insight and direction based off knowledge and experience
  • Respond to mentee within reasonable time
  • Provide feedback

The Process

All students interested will be required to complete an Application and submit a recommendation. Once applications are reviewed students accepted in the program will be required to attend a mandatory orientation.

Matches will be based off of a variety of criteria including but not limited to major, concentration, desired career path, schedule limitations, personality type, and personal background. At the end of September mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to meet in person at an initial networking event where attendees will be required to complete a primary evaluation form. Matches will meet at least once a month and at the end of the academic year must complete the final evaluation form.

Students interested in the program who were not faculty selected may apply for the mentorship program however a letter of recommendation must be submitted with a Winthrop employees signature along with a document listing three references. 

If you have any question please e-mail