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Student Services


The College of Business Administration's Student Services office is dedicated to helping students accomplish academic goals by providing Winthrop's College of Business undergraduates with information and advisement regarding course and program requirements; curricular offerings; college procedures; regulations; and policies.


 Office Hours -- Spring 2022

Monday  -   Friday 
 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM 




Vanessa Valdez, Director of Student Services



Laurie Grove, Student Services Program Coordinator (Academic Advisor)

803.323.2186, ext. 6297


Sarah Kesler, Academic Advisor

803.323.2186, ext. 6352


Jade Simmons, Graduate Assistant

803.323.2186, ext. 6354




COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

We are glad to have our Winthrop students back on campus, but there are still concerns about COVID-19 and staying healthy.  You can find more information on our COVID Policy on the Health and Counseling Services website.  

Last Updated: 1/5/22