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Mission of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree prepares students for careers in software design and implementation and for graduate study in Computer Science. The students in this program are provided with a background that allows them to progress toward leadership roles.

Objectives and Outcomes for the B.S. in Computer Science Degree

The College of Business Administration focuses on achieving the following three objectives and nine outcomes for the BS Computer Science Degree:

  • Produce Graduates who can work in Software Design and Implementation
        1. Proficiency in one or more programming languages
        2. Proficiency in problem analysis and design of an application
        3. Proficiency in implementation of an application
        4. Ability to communicate effectively on technical subjects in the field of computing in oral and written forms.
  • Produce Graduates who enter Graduate Programs in Computer Science or Related Areas
        1. Proficiency in the Foundations of Computer Science
        2. Ability to Analyze and Solve Complex Problems
  • Produce Graduates who Work in Leadership Roles
        1. Ability to work effectively in Teams
        2. Ability to Take and Leadership Role
        3. Development of Interpersonal Communication Skills

Mission of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Computer Information Systems Option

The mission of the Computer Information Systems option of the B.S. in Business Administration degree is to educate students in the principles and practices of computer information systems, preparing them for careers in the software development and computer information systems industries.



Last Updated: 10/9/20