Virtual First Look Friday

Catch a glimpse into the life of a Winthrop Student by attending this event you will be able to take a class, meet with an admissions counselor and current students followed by a virtual campus tour.

Upcomimg First Look Friday

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Schedule of Events -

9:15 a.m.   Virtual Check In

    Log on to Zoom (make sure you set your first and last name for your zoom profile) and we will let you in once the event starts.

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9:30 a.m.    Welcome & Admissions Overview

    Find out what it takes to be an Eagle and if you are already admitted, learn what your next steps are moving forward.

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10:25 a.m.    Student Panel/Q&A

    Hear from current Winthrop Students and ask them questions about life on campus!

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11:00 a.m.    Mock  Classes

    Visit class list below for link to join your class!

    • Department: College of  Business Administration

      Class Title:
         Top 10 lessons for 21st Century Leaders
      Faculty: Dr. Tracy Griggs

      Get excited about your career!  Virtually every job in every organization, from the smallest non-profit, to the largest Fortune 100, is being influenced by these top ten trends.  Come find out how think like a 21st Century organizational leader.  All majors welcome!

      Zoom link:
      Meeting ID: 860 6999 1888
      Passcode: 764444

    • Department:  College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

      Class: Among Us: Using Student Interests & Pop Culture to Promote Positive and Collaborative Classroom Communities
      Faculty: Dr. April Mustian

      Description:  Whether reaching your students in a P12 setting or all learners in alternative learning situations, considering the audience is important. Come learn more about creating learning environments that engage a variety of participants.

      Zoom link:

      Department:  College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

      Class: Reaching Each and Every Learner
      Faculty: Dr. Stacy Martin and Dr. Dave Vawter

      Our goal is to prepare teacher candidates with teaching and learning strategies as diverse, varied, and lively as students themselves. Please join us for an interactive inquiry-based lesson, one of the many instructional methods we teach in the teacher education program at Winthrop.

      Zoom link:

    • Department:  English

      Class:  Teach Me How to Make a PB&J Sandwich: What's Technical Communication?
      Faculty: Dr. Chen Chen

      By engaging in interactive activities, students will learn the basics of how to write instructions as an introduction to the field of technical communication.

      Zoom link:

    • Department:  Chemistry, Physics, Geology and the Environment; Interdisciplinary Studies/Environmental Science

      Class:  Polar Bears, Drunken Forests, and the Changing Subarctic
      Faculty: Scott Werts

      Description: The high latitudes are changing faster than any place on the planet.  Disruptions to ecosystems and the need for rapid adaptation are difficult to manage.  Winthrop students can take a course in Subarctic Landscapes and do field work to investigate these changes for themselves by staying over a week in the polar bear capital of the world.  We will talk about some of the issues at hand and what is on the horizon.  

      Zoom link:

      Department:  Mass Communications

      Class: Viral Videos and Making Money as a Viral Content Producer

      Faculty: Dr. Joseph Kasko

      This course reviews the history and evolution of viral videos, the ways content creators can earn money and strategies for producing viral content.

      Zoom link:

    • Department:  CVPA - Dance & Theatre

      Class:  Understanding Stage Lighting for Designers, Directors and Choreographers
      Faculty: Daniel Gordon

      Description:  Open to all majors!

      Zoom link:

    • Department:  CVPA - Fine Arts

      Class: Print Mania
      Faculty: Myles Calvert

      Description: Printmaking demonstration.

      Zoom link

    • Department: College of Arts and Science - Sociology/Anthropology

      Class: Sacred Places in the Maya World
      Faculty: Dr. Brent Woodfill

      Description: To explore several of these places, covering their histories from the rise of Maya civilization around 1000 BC through the spread of transnational corporations in the early 21st century, and show how these places have continuously served as battlefields between foreign conquerors and local struggles for autonomy.

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11:45 a.m.   Virtual Walking Tour & Admissions Q&A

    Take our Virtual Campus tour to explore the beauty of Winthrop and ask an Admissions Counselor any lasting questions you have about Winthrop. 

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    Walking Tour link