High School Freshmen

Welcome to High School!

Freshman year is where students begin to navigate the future with their college and career interests in mind. Consider questions like: What Classes should I take? How can I become involved to make a difference? What are my academic and social interest? With this in mind, here are some key things you can do in your first year of high school:

  • Getting Involved and Finding Your Interest-  As you move from middle to high school, you want to find people who have similar interest as you.  Whether it is an academic or special interest club, get involved and take the opportunity to discover more about your interests and the differences you can make in your school and community. If there isn’t a club but you have a passion, look into start one!

  • Developing Study Skills – Although you are responsible for your education as a high school student, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Become your own best advocate by asking questions if you don’t understand something and identifying your learning style to get the most out of your study habits. Being responsible also means being organized. Consider using a planer or calendar to help keep track of assignments, tasks and projects. Developing these skills now will help make you successful in your future.

  • Begin to Research Colleges and Universities – This is a perfect time to start considering what type of college you would like to attend in the future. Many colleges offer virtual experiences that will allow you to discover what life is like on campus from the comfort of your home. For example, you can take virtual campus tours that highlight features of the universities. Through this, you can discover where students go to study, eat, hang out and learn, and what makes their campus unique. 

  • Prepare to Take Required High School Courses – Students who are planning to apply for a university in South Carolina are expected to meet the minimum College Prep High School Core course curriculum required by the State of South Carolina. The requirements include:

    • English - 4 units
    • Mathematics - 4 units
    • Laboratory Science - 3 units
    • Social Studies - 3 units
    • Foreign Language - 2 units
    • Fine arts - 1 unit
    • Academic electives - 2 units