GEIST Foundation Partnership with Winthrop University

Dear GEIST Students and Family,

Dr Marshall JonesWinthrop University wants you to study with us in the United States!  We are an embracing university that offers a warm welcome and individual attention to all students.  We offer a family like atmosphere on our campus.  We offer excellent undergraduate degrees in a variety of majors.  Our average class size is 20 students per class which will give you the personal attention you need to be successful.

Winthrop University is offering qualified students connected with GEIST two scholarship opportunities:

  1. An application scholarship.  Please use the code GEIST and Winthrop will waive the application fee.  You can apply to Winthrop University for free.

  2. If you are accepted, GEIST student partners will receive a scholarship equal to the out of state fee charged to most internationals students.  GEIST students who are successful at Winthrop can earn a scholarship of nearly $40,000 USD over their four years of study with us.

We are located in Rock Hill, SC, a thriving small city with easy access to an international airport in Charlotte, NC.  Our close proximity to Charlotte provides access to large city amenities without the crowds and traffic problems.  Rock Hill has a free bus system that provides clean, safe access to shopping, recreation, and medical facilities in town.  Rock Hill also offers a free bike sharing system that will allow you to see much of the beauty our city offers.  We are a multicultural city with churches, mosques, and a population that welcomes international students.

If you are considering studying in the United States, we hope that you will consider studying with us.  You can learn more about Winthrop at When you are ready to apply, visit to start your application.


 DR. Marshall Jones

Dr. Marshall G. Jones
Professor, Winthrop University
GEIST Foundation International Advisor


Applying To Winthrop University as GEIST Partner Student

  1. Before you apply.
    You don’t need all of your materials ready when you apply. You can submit the application and then upload other needed materials, such as language proficiency scores, transcript translations, etc. after you submit your application. When you submit the application, you will receive an e-mail telling you how to check your application for materials you may still need to submit. If you have questions about any materials, just e-mail us at:

  2. When you are ready to apply.
    Visit and click on "Apply Now". You will need to create an account with Winthrop to start your application. You will need to check the box for "Check if address is outside of U.S. or Canada." Don’t forget to use the code “GEIST” to waive the application fee! 

  3. Complete the online application.
    You don’t have to finish the application when you start it. The system will save your materials and you can come back to edit it later.

  4. Check your application often.
    Once you apply, you can log in and check the status of your application. You will get a personalized list of materials that your application needs to be considered complete. It is a good idea to check the application regularly to make sure materials you have sent are added to your file.

  5. When you are admitted.
    When you are applying, you will work closely with our Admissions counselors. After you receive your admissions notification we will transfer you file to our International Center. The International Center will work with you on the details of your Visa and other important information to help you get to Winthrop University. You can learn more here:


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More Information:

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