Special Course Registration Form - Information

A Special Course Registration Form must be completed for all courses with a travel component, all off-campus courses, and all on-campus courses with special tuition rates. The department chair or program coordinator must use this web application to complete the SCRF before the course begins meeting and AFTER the course has been created in Banner. If the course will be cross-listed, a separate SCRF must be completed for each different course name. The instructor of record must be credentialed in the designator listed.

Navigation: Click the Next and Previous buttons to advance or go back. Click Save and Exit to save the form without submitting it. On the last screen, click Submit for Approval to submit.

Program Information: Enter the program name and contact person (see note). Indicate which of the three types of special courses applies (choose only one) and complete the appropriate prompts for that type of course.

Section Information: Select the term, course subject, and course. Some course details will automatically populate. Fill in the remaining information, including max enrollment. If you do not have a CRN, contact your department chair or department scheduler to make sure the class has been created in Coursedog.

Class Meeting Schedule: If any of the data that populates on this screen is incorrect, contact your department chair or department scheduler to correct the information in Coursedog. Fill in any missing information.

Fee Schedule and Payment Information: On each of these screens, select one of the three options and then complete the appropriate prompts under that type of fee schedule.  If there are notes or comments that need to be added regarding the fee schedule or payment, enter them below in Financial Comments section found underneath the Deposit Information box.

Deposit Information: Indicate the account numbers where the course fees should be deposited.  The first row is automatically filled in with General Fund account information and an allocated percent must be entered.  If there are additional funds or accounts, enter them in rows below the first.  The total percent allocated must equal 100%. 

Upload Documents and Comments: Use this feature to upload documents for everyone to view or access and include any comments that are course related for all to view as needed.


Authorized users may click here for login to SCRF 

For authorized users to request access to the SCRF, contact Tim Drueke or Kara Traverse.

For questions about the form or technical support, contact Tim Drueke or Kara Traverse.


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*(This completed Form with approved signatures must be uploaded in the SCRF application)