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 Activity Codes

CHE # SIS/Banner code Definition
01 LEC Lecture: Formal presentation, primarily one-way communication.
02 LAB Laboratory/Clinical: Primary learning activity is through supervised, hands-on student investigations.
03 SEM Seminar/Recitation: Students engage in discussions, carrying the major responsibility for preparation.
04 IND Independent Study/Research: Student works and/or investigates with only minimal faculty direction. Independent study courses are defined as a one-to-one or two-to-one match between students and instructors.
05 MST Master's thesis: Preparation of the master's thesis.
07 PRT Practice teaching: Full-semester, off-campus student teaching.
08 INT Internship: Students engage in short-term, supervised work experience usually related to a student's major field. May be on- or off-campus, paid or unpaid.
09 LLB Combined lecture and laboratory or lecture and clinical.
10 PRL Private lesson: Students work one-on-one with instructor.
11 FLD Field studies: Students pursue, gather, and interpret field data.
13 PRA Practicum/Cooperative education: A program that provides for alternate class attendance and employment in business, industry, or government.
14 STU Studio/PE: Primary mode of learning is through students' active participation in producing creative works and/or engaging in physical activities.

Last Updated: 8/14/20