Our Brand

Winthrop University is an institution committed to providing our students a national caliber education, both in and out of the classroom, as well as preparing them for what’s ahead – whether that’s a career, continuing education, or anything else life has in store.  We pride ourselves on our close-knit, family-like environment and our vibrant, diverse campus community.  Every part of the university works together towards the success of each of our students – in academics, athletics, career and life goals – and we have a tradition of excellence that earns us recognition on both regional and national levels as a top institution. 


"Love Where You're Going"Love Where You're Going

You’ll find this statement on many aspects of our current marketing.  It embodies the Winthrop Experience.  Winthrop students are passionate fans of this institution and what it means to be a Winthrop Eagle and part of this campus family.  We also strive to create an environment where students can find and pursue their passion while they are here, so they can be excited for the future and where life will take them after they leave Winthrop. 


Visual Identity ManualVisual Identity

Our visual identity helps to express our brand through all of our visual communications using accepted logos, fonts, colors and graphic treatments. 
For the full guide on the use of our branding, refer to our Visual Identity Manual.  



Rebranding Initiative

In October 2016, Winthrop embarked on a major university-wide rebranding project, with the goal of shaping and strengthening our brand messaging, visual identity, and position in the highly competitive landscape of higher education.  We also sought to completely redesign and make responsive our university website, winthrop.edu.  This multi-phase project is a key part of our strategic goal to raise awareness of our university and support growing enrollment, as outlined in the Winthrop Plan.

In February 2018, Winthrop launched our refreshed logo and visual identity, and in May 2019, we launched our new website.  While the major objectives of this initiative have been completed, we continue to work to build and hone our brand each and every day.

See the project summary, timeline, brand history, and FAQs to learn more about this initiative.