University Communications and Marketing

About Us

Staff in the Office of University Communications and Marketing function as Winthrop's in-house marketing and communications team. We work to support all areas of the university, with special emphasis on those areas where relationship-building is key, such as with enrollment and university advancement. We also seek to position the university within a national context of excellence, as well as to connect stakeholders and the general public with the university in meaningful ways. Several distinct areas comprise our team, with each area playing an important role.

News, information, and communications staff develop messages and content for a variety of uses. This area is responsible for Winthrop's official social media accounts, media relations, photography services, and videography services.

Printing and creative services staff bring messaging to life through design, production and printing. This area also is responsible for protecting Winthrop's brand through identity system adherence and approval of printing projects/promotional products.

Marketing staff support brand consistency and administer a variety of advertising contracts for the university, in addition to providing marketing support to departments.   

Web development staff maintain our vital web presence, administering our content management system as well as training and supporting web authors.

All of our staff members collaborate with our peers across campus to present the very best image of Winthrop possible, ideally to maximize opportunities for building positive relationships. See our organizational chart (pdf - 142 kb). Visit our Contact Us page to learn more about our team.