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Building Community

TRiO Connect

Each August, the TRiO program welcomes new program members and their families to the TRiO CONNECT program. This mandatory, 3-day early orientation program is designed to kick-start the year by connecting first-year participants to our current students and staff and to help ease the transition to the university environment.

Through numerous teambuilding activities and discussions revolving around academic success, new members become engaged in TRiO services and become firmly established as members of our TRiO family. In addition to community building, students will be orientated to the TRiO program expectations, including bi-weekly academic counseling, participation in TRiO ACAD, and our overall commitment to "Student Success."

It is our hope that the relationships formed and the memories created in just three short days will continue to flourish throughout your years at Winthrop!

Please note: Participation in TRiO CONNECT is mandatory for all new TRiO members.

Last Updated: 5/27/20