Referrals and Requests

If you are a student in need of an Academic Action Plan, please see the Academic Action Plan Request Form.

Refering Academically At-Risk/Academically Vulnerable Students

The Academic Success Center assists with connecting academically vulnerable students to campus resources and providing academic coaching to help build skills needed for academic success. If you have academic concerns about students in your classes regarding multiple absences (more than 3), consistent missed work, and/or lack of engagement, referrals can now be submitted using Navigate

Once you've logged into Navigate, you can issue an alert from Staff Home or Professor Home, select Issue an Alert from the Actions pane on the right hand side of the page.


You will then be prompted to search for the student you want to issue the alert for. Students can be searched by name or Winthrop ID number.

  • Alert Reason:  Select the reason for issuing this alert. 

  • Association with Specific Course:  Select the course for which you are submitted the referral.

  • Additional Comments:  Enter any additional comments in this box. Staff and faculty with permission can view the alert and its comments. 

You will be able to view referral updates via the case in Navigate. 

For more detailed instructions and alert descriptions, you can reference pages 13-14 in the Navigate guide found here


Referring Students with Behavioral or Personal Concerns

The Dean of Students Office works closely with students who are dealing with personal issues that impact academic performance.  If you have a wellness concern about a student (worrisome behaviors, concern for a student’s safety, disorderly conduct, etc.), you can find an appropriate referral form on the student of concern reporting page at this link through the Dean of Students Office: