Winthrop University: Academic Success Center - Syllabus Insert

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Want a one on one meeting or have any questions? There are three ways you can contact us:
Phone: 803/323-2191
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Syllabus Insert

The ASC provides tutoring for a large number of Winthrop courses. If tutoring is offered for a course you teach, we encourage you to include a special statement in your syllabus and make an announcement about the tutor service available for your class.  Feel free to cut and paste the information below and infuse it into your syllabus where you deem appropriate:
"Winthrop’s Academic Success Center is a free resource for all undergraduate students seeking to perform their best academically.  The ASC offers a variety of personalized and structured resources that help students achieve academic excellence, such as virtual tutoring and academic coaching.  The ASC is located on the first floor of Dinkins, Suite 106.  Please contact the ASC at 803-323-3929 or  For more information on ASC services, please visit


To utilize ASC Peer Tutoring during the 2020-2021 semester, students must enroll in and complete the Tutee Seminar on Blackboard.  A two minute video on how to enroll so can be found on the bottom of the webpage.  Upon completing the Tutee Seminar, students can register for up to two ASC Peer Tutors each semester via Tutor Trac (  Students who experience any difficulty with the registration process can contact the ASC at 803-323-3929 or"

Last Updated: 8/24/20