Winthrop University: Academic Success Center - Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring Program

Academic Success Center peer tutors provide academic support to Winthrop students through hour-long, recurring, weekly tutoring appointments (one-on-one or small group). Tutoring services are offered during fall and spring semesters. Peer tutors are hired to help students with many courses on campus, primarily at the 100 and 200 level. The peer tutors are recommended by faculty and participate in training sponsored by the ASC. 


To learn more about how to make an appointment with an ASC Peer Tutor, please look here.


ASC Tutoring is open for Spring 2023!

Students can make appointments in TutorTrac now.


The ASC currently offers tutoring for the following courses:

ACCT 280 CHEM 104 HIST 211 MATH 151 PSYC 301
ARTH 175 CHEM 105 HIST 212 MATH 201 QMTH 205
BIOL 150 ECON 103 MATH 111 NUTR 221 QMTH 210
BIOL 220 ECON 215 MATH 141 PLSC 201 SPAN 101
BIOL 221 ECON 216 MATH 150 PSYC 101  


Last Updated: 3/1/23