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Peer Tutoring Program

Academic Success Center peer tutors provide academic support to Winthrop students through hour-long, recurring, weekly tutoring appointments (usually one-on-one). Tutoring services are offered during fall and spring semesters. Peer tutors are hired to help students with specific courses that do not have dedicated campus services already in place, such as the Writing CenterMath Tutorial Center, and the College of Business Resource Room. The peer tutors are recommended by faculty and participate in training sponsored by the ASC.  The Academic Success Center's Tutor Training Program is College Reading and Learning Association International Tutor Training Program Certified in both Level I and Level II as of May 2012.


Summer 2020 ASC Tutoring Hours:

Hours vary depending on tutor availability.  All summer tutoring is virtual.



The ASC offers tutoring for the following courses this semester: 


ANTH 201 PSYC 101,  301
ARTH 175, 176 SPAN 101, 102
BIOL 150, 213   
CHEM 104, 105  
ECON 215  
GEOL 110  
HIST 111, 112, 113, 211  
MATH 150  
PHYS 250  
 *Please note that course offerings are subject to change based on availability.



If you would like to drop your tutor, please complete the application to drop tutoring.

Last Updated: 6/1/20