Any Winthrop graduate student who has withdrawn from the University for any reason or who was not registered for courses the previous semester is required to apply for readmission through Graduate Studies. The application fee is $50. Graduate students who enrolled in GSTC 600, 601, 602, or 603 the previous semester may register for courses and continue their program of study the following semester without applying for readmission. Official transcripts from all  institutions attended during a student's absence from the University must be submitted when applying for readmission. Credentials of graduate students applying after an absence of 12 months or more are reviewed for readmission under the current catalog.

Students seeking readmission into the same graduate degree program after an absence of one to five years may be excused from the admission criteria in effect at the time of readmission if the academic unit deems such waiver appropriate. The student is, however, required to complete the graduation requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

Graduate students who have been absent for five calendar years or longer are subject to admission policies which apply to first-time applicants:

  1. All admission credentials must be evaluated against current admission criteria;
  2. Any special permissions, waivers, substitutions or other dispensations previously granted by Winthrop are void; and
  3. All credit hours previously earned at Winthrop, including credit by examination, are re-evaluated against current criteria.