Master of Science in Biology 


NOTE: Application deadline is April 15th for a fall admission 

Admission to the Master of Science degree in biology requires the applicant to successfully complete an undergraduate major in biology, or its equivalent, and one year of general chemistry. 

Application requirements include:

1. The online Graduate Studies application with the non-refundable application fee.

2. Official transcript(s) from all institutions attended for undergraduate and graduate coursework. Transcripts must be sent directly to Winthrop's Graduate Studies office from the issuing institution(s). We cannot accept transcripts (even sealed, official transcripts) from individuals.

3. Two letters of recommendation. In the online admissions application, you will be asked to provide names and e-mail addresses of two individuals from whom you have requested letters of recommendation. These two people will then receive an e-mail instructing them to upload the letter into our online application system. It's a good idea to talk with these individuals ahead of time so they will be expecting the e-mail when they receive it.

4. Submit an essay describing personal and professional goals.  Applicants with any questions in regards to these statements, please contact the graduate director: Dr. Kristi Westover at 803/323-2111 ext. 6180 and/or send an e-mail to Dr. Kristi Westover.

5. Official scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).




Score Percentile

Points GRE-Quantitative Score Percentile


80% or above 7 85% or above 7
3.51-3.75 7 70-79% 6 65-84% 6
3.26-3.50 6 50-69% 5 50-64% 5
3.01-3.25 5 35-49% 4 35-49% 4
2.76-3.00 4 20-34% 3 20-34% 3
2.51-2.75 3 19% or below 2 19% or below 2
2.26-2.50 2        
2.01-2.25 1        
Below 2.00 0        

The official GRE score must be sent directly to the Graduate Studies office from the testing service. Eligibility for admission to the program is based on the following point scale:  

 The points from each of the three areas listed in the above table will be computed and the total applied to the following scale*:

Eligibility Score Status

Eligible for interview, then admit or deny


Admission denied


Applicants with admission scores between 12 and 22 will be contacted by Dr. Kristi Westover, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Biology, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC, 29733, 803/323-2111 ext. 6180, to schedule an appointment for an interview.  The final admission decision is at the discretion of the Biology Graduate Admissions Committee.

*This eligibility score scale does NOT apply to admission decisions for the Accelerated MS Biology program.


Applicants should submit all admission credentials to the Graduate Studies Office by April 15 for fall admission. Admissions are only made one time per calendar year for the fall term. After the Biology Department reviews the materials, the applicant will be notified in writing by the Graduate Studies Office of the admission decision.


The Master of Science degree in biology requires the completion of at least 30 semester hours of approved graduate-level courses. At least half the work presented for the degree must be 600-level courses. At least 24 semester hours of these courses must be in biology.


Each graduate student in biology, before receiving the Master of Science degree, must attend a minimum of five departmental seminar programs. Attendance does not carry course credit.