M.Ed. in Counseling and Development Background Check Requirements

Before being fully admitted into the CSDV program you must complete a background check through SR&I at your expense. To begin background check, visit http://www.srandi.com/ and follow these instructions: 


To begin background check, visit www.srandi.com and follow these instructions:
1) Click "Get Started" at the top of the page
2) Under ˜For New Request' click the "Student" link
3) Complete all the required field which are indicated by an asterisk (*)
-State (South Carolina)
-College or School Name (Winthrop University)
-College Program (CSL — Counseling)
(The Program Year Classification and Student ID are optional fields)
4) Click "Next Step 2: About You"
5) Complete the Authorization for Release of Information
6) Sign and continue to make payment

Results of the background check must be available to the admissions committee prior to the interview process.

The Counseling and Development program at Winthrop University requires criminal background checks on all applicants recommended for admission. The purposes of such requirements include:
1. Assuring the public's continuing trust in the counseling profession regarding the safety and well-being of clients;
2. To identify accepted applicants who have a criminal history that may preclude them from participating in clinical training programs, including but not limited to, care of clients in vulnerable populations; and
3. Putting applicants with a criminal history on notice that there may be an issue with respective licensing boards regarding the impact of the criminal history on their ability to obtain professional licensure.

Omission of required information, including failure to provide consent for the background check, or submitting false or misleading information by an individual in any communication with the counseling program may result in withdrawal of conditional acceptance. The program will respect the laws of the state of South Carolina or other state laws with regard to an individual having a sealed juvenile record and having no obligation to reveal records within the juvenile court system.

A final decision with regard to admission will be made only after careful review of factors including but not limited to:
1. The seriousness, circumstances, and frequency of the offense(s);
2. The relationship between the duties to be performed as part of the educational program and the offense(s);
3. The length of time that has passed since the offense(s);
4. Evidence of successful rehabilitation; and
5. The accuracy of any information provided by the applicant.