Master of Social Work Academic Probation Policy

A student whose cumulative grade-point average falls below 3.0 is placed on academic
probation. Because of the sequential structure of the MSW Program, MSW students placed on
academic probation are allowed to enroll in the subsequent semester of course work to restore
their semester grade-point average to 3.0 or higher.

In cases where students have earned a grade of F in a course(s), their progress in the
program will be suspended until they successfully repeat the course(s). If they successfully
repeat the course(s), and their cumulative grade-point average is restored to 3.0 or higher,
they are then returned to good academic standing. If they successfully repeat the course(s),
but their cumulative grade-point average remains below 3.0, they can continue enrollment as
long as their semester grade-point average is 3.0 or higher. Failure to achieve a 3.0 semester
grade-point average will result in dismissal from the Program.

No more than two courses with a grade of C or F may be repeated; a given course may be
repeated only once. A graduate student may not transfer credit taken at another institution
while they are on academic probation at Winthrop or are ineligible to return to Winthrop.
Students who have been dismissed because of academic ineligibility may reapply for graduate
admission. Those wishing to be considered for readmission following a dismissal must wait at
least one year before applying. One year is defined as two semesters or one semester and one
summer session. During this period, they are ineligible for admission to any program at
Winthrop University. Applications for readmission may be found on the Forms Online page of
the Graduate Studies website. Readmission applications are evaluated by the Admissions
Committee; readmission may or may not be granted depending on the Committee’s